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Your Career Path Takes Dedication & Perseverance

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I am always interested in seeing why and how people choose their career path.  Some do it by luck, some because of an interest, and others because of money.  Then there are those that plan their career path based upon their natural abilities and passions,…

Career Vision

Career Vision Statement – Your “GPS” to a Successful Career Path

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A career vision statement is akin to using a GPS to find your way down a long and winding road.  Prior to the invention of the GPS, people used a compass and map to find their way.  You needed both to successfully “navigate” the twists…

Financial Budgets Don’t Work Unless….Part 3

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This Blog series has three parts.  In Part 1 of this blog series we learned that personal budgets don’t work for most people because of three key reasons: – You are always looking backwards – that is, you are too focused on what you have…

Financial Budgets Don’t Work, Unless…..Part 2

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In Part 1 we learned that many people fail to establish productive money habits because the process seems too complicated, overwhelming, and/or because of a lack of accountability.  Part 2 explains the stages required to master your money habits and put yourself on a path…

Financial Budgets Don’t Work, Unless… – Part 1

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We always start a personal budget with the best of intentions.  Normally the timing isn’t coincidental, usually around New Years or some other significant event, like the birth of a child or a job change.  Out of the gate we have lots of enthusiasm and…