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Ray helped me realize my full potential. He showed me how I process information and what I'm naturally good at. You can tell that he loves what he does and it shows in how he helps people.


Ray is an excellent career coach. Within 4 months of working together, he was able to help me gain the clarity that for years I struggled to find on my own regarding the next steps in my career!


The degree I was pursuing was too broad and Ray helped me to narrow down my focus and place me on the right path - one that took into account my talents and interests.


Ray Giese is a talented career coach. His feedback is sincere, concise and smart. He genuinely cares about your career aspirations and guides you on the path to success. I highly recommend Ray


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I help in coaching people align their purpose, their passions, and their paycheck to achieve financial freedom while realizing greater personal and career satisfaction.

News Flash:  ALL personal financial success starts with positive cash flow…………and that cash flow comes from your ability to earn a living!

The secret to Financial Freedom: Your best investment is optimizing your earning ability based on what you do best and enjoy!  I call this LIVING, not WORKING!  Then manage the cash flow to live within your means, save and invest towards your long-term goals, and protect against life’s most common challenges.  I provide the right dose of education, coaching, accountability, and wisdom.  Let’s get started!

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Financial Budgets Don’t Work, Unless… – Part 1

We always start a personal budget with the best of intentions.  Normally the timing isn’t coincidental, usually around New Years or some other significant event, like the birth of a child or a job change.  Out of the gate we have lots of enthusiasm and…

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Buffet & Bonds – You Have to Do What’s Best For You!

Recently Warren Buffet said that he would not own any bonds in his portfolio. However, individual investors don’t have the emotional fortitude to exclude bonds in their portfolio. Bonds serve as a “shock absorber” to a portfolio – offsetting the inherent price volatility of stocks….

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Think & Plan Before You Make A Career Move!

First, ask yourself, “Why do I want to change? “What makes me feel that I didn’t make the right career choice to begin with?”  Too often, people pursue their first career option based solely on interests and not based upon their natural abilities.  Interests are…

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