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Today we commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day.  One hundred fifty thousand men and women risked their lives to save freedom for the world.  They came together from disparate backgrounds and beliefs to fight back against a common enemy of hate and tyranny.  More than 10,000 lost their lives that day, and many more thousands would die in the months to follow.  Not one questioned their mission, everyone understood that June 6, 1944, could be their last day on earth.  The Greatest Generation fought for all of us and the principles we as the USA stand for in the world.

Today, we must answer the call just as those that came before us.  We must put political discourse aside and stop demonizing those with which we do not agree.  We must come together and work toward solutions that benefit all of us.  The Greatest Generation spilled their blood so that we would have the opportunity to do so today and forever. 

Good ideas come from all sides.  It is our duty and opportunity to embrace all thought and proceed with civil discourse to reach viable and fair solutions for all.  No one side (or person) has a lock on good ideas that will improve our way of life.  We must listen, engage in civil discourse, and reach consensus on the path ahead.

One example of a good idea comes from the campaign of Elizabeth Warren – link below  (Full disclosure:  I am neither Red or Blue, and I have many differing views from this candidate on other issues).  She brings forth ideas regarding the plight of the American middle class that we must hear and consider.  She calls for Economic Patriotism, guided by a national strategy to help defend and create American jobs.  She is not calling for protectionism or saving dying or obsolete industries. Instead, she is embracing the notion that every American has unique human capital, and if appropriately nurtured and applied, can lead to economic opportunity for both individuals and American society.

I come from the middle class – lower middle class to be exact.  I made my way via opportunities that no longer exist.  I see the middle-class disappearing and our young adults becoming frustrated and angry – so much so that the drum of socialistic ideals become more prevalent.  The Greatest Generation did not sacrifice so much for this outcome.  Let this be our call to action!  Truth be told President Trump and Senator Warren have more in common than they want to admit.  Time for the sharing of ideas and civil discourse to begin!

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