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I am always interested in seeing why and how people choose their career path.  Some do it by luck, some because of an interest, and others because of money.  Then there are those that plan their career path based upon their natural abilities and passions, desiring to make a difference in the world.  Sure, they understand to earn enough to live, but their primary motivation is creativity and service.

Case In Point – My Son

Such is the case of my younger son, Andrew.  He couldn’t be more different than me in his career path.  While my natural abilities and passions led me to work with concepts and people in the business world, Andrew has always pursued his natural abilities and passions in the arts, specifically in music and the visual arts.  Being trained to help people identify and harness their natural abilities, I should have seen his sooner than I did. 

Goose Corp Live in Chicago

Perservere & Persist

After a few false starts in college, he has passionately and persistently pursued his artistic talents, always believing that he could earn a living doing what he loves.  The term, “starving artist” was his reality, and it still is.  But, his perseverance and his dedication to his craft is a real lesson for me.  He will be successful and happy, just not on a timeline that is “typical”.  But that’s okay, as it is his life and happiness that counts – and society will benefit. 

The Payoff

Last night he debuted a new album for his band called Goose Corp at a local venue in Chicago.  He has been playing drums for more than 20 years and the band has worked on creating and producing the album, called Jumbled Thoughts, for more than 4 years.  That’s a long time for anyone to hang in there and work towards their ultimate goal.  But I must give Andrew and his mates all the credit in the world.  The album is their creative masterpiece, and it is incredible!

As I watched Andrew and his mates play in front of an enthusiastic crowd, I could see him come alive – it is what he was born to do!  The joy and excitement he and his mates gave to the audience was priceless!  In their own way the band is making a difference in the world, allowing people to escape the hum drum and stress of their lives for a brief time and dream of the possibilities through their music.  Normally Andrew is a fairly shy person – but he commands the stage with his performance – and a proud Father was very happy to see it!

Andrew enjoying his “craft”

Go Change the World!

Artists usually understand that they do what they do because of the love for their craft and knowing that someone will eventually appreciate their work.  Few will make some money. Even fewer will make a lot.  Most won’t realize any meaningful monetary reward.  It takes an immense amount of dedication, perseverance, and sacrifice to create something of beauty – but you know in your heart that you will make your mark on the world!  We should all be so lucky!  Congrats Andrew!

Goose Corp!

Check out a sample of their new album Jumbled Thoughts on Facebook or on iTunes.  You will enjoy their work!

I help my clients align their purpose, their passions, and their paycheck to achieve financial freedom while realizing greater professional and personal satisfaction from their careers.

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