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Career Coaching for Adults

If you are finding it tough to get out of bed every morning, if your “gut” tells you that you need a change, then it is time to invest in yourself. Learn how to align your purpose, your passions, and your paycheck to attain greater professional and personal satisfaction from your career - and realize greater earning power and a path to financial freedom in the process!


3 steps for securing your “best fit” career

  • Discover your natural abilities, skills, interests, personal values, and other parameters through formal assessments that become the foundation of your “best fit” career
  • Identify career fields that match your unique parameters and create your career vision & plan for a satisfying and sustainable career
  • Outline and implement an action plan to secure your “best fit” career

Career Coaching will help you realize your full professional and personal satisfaction regarding your career.  While you may feel trapped, frustrated, or unfulfilled in your current career it is never too late to “reboot” your career path.  There are always opportunities for those that can add value to organizations.  The candidates that know themselves best, have the qualities matched to the opportunity, have the confidence to speak with authority, and can best articulate that “career vision” will be the candidates that win the day! Your career vision & plan is a way to separate yourself from the crowd.  It helps the potential employer(s) see what is unique about you and how you can contribute to their effort.  It also let’s you evaluate the potential employer(s) and opportunities based upon your “best fit” criteria, allowing you to efficiently target only the most promising and satisfying career opportunities for pursuit.  Understanding how you best communicate, learn, solve problems and/or approach opportunities, your optimal work environment, and how your life purpose and passions relate to these abilities can make all the difference in securing your dream career.  The 3-step career coaching process is designed to help you make that difference! Make no mistake – Career guidance and coaching requires some hard work on your part to find out who you really are, what you are best designed to do and/or enjoy, and what you want to accomplish in a career and in life.  While you determine the ultimate outcome, my professional guidance, wisdom, and “professional prodding” (aka support, encouragement, & accountability ) will keep you moving in a positive direction and towards realizing your career goal.

Step 1 - Discover Your Career Foundation

  • Natural Abilities
  • Interests/Skills/Values
  • + Custom Reports of Results
  • + 2 hour Professional Debrief

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Step 2 - Creation of Career Development Plan

  • Identify "Best Fit" Career Fields
  • Custom Career Vision Statement & Development Plan
  • 8 Live Facilitated Self Discovery Sessions + materials

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Step 3 - Implement Plan & Secure "Best Fit" Career

  • Creation of Resume & Online Profiles to Help Improve Success
  • Interviewing Process & Follow-Up Activities
  • Accountability/Support Partner for You

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