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Buffet & Bonds – You Have to Do What’s Best For You!

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Recently Warren Buffet said that he would not own any bonds in his portfolio. However, individual investors don’t have the emotional fortitude to exclude bonds in their portfolio. Bonds serve as a “shock absorber” to a portfolio – offsetting the inherent price volatility of stocks….

Think & Plan Before You Make A Career Move!

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Know Your “Why?” First, ask yourself, “Why do I want to change? “What makes me feel that I didn’t make the right career choice, to begin with?”  Too often, people pursue their first career option based solely on interests and not based upon their natural…

Your Greatest Financial Asset Is Your Earning Power

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When asked most people would say that their home is their greatest financial asset (note that I said financial asset – I could argue that my greatest assets are my family and health, but that’s for another post).  However, think about it.  What gave you…